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Any day I get to make something is a good day. (Almost) Any medium will do. One day, I hope to lead a whole slew of folks who make good stuff—and enjoy doing it.

Currently, I am a Senior Art Director in Austin, TX. I'm also a proponent of natural light, three-act structure, having fun at work and working toward having fun.

My goal for this portfolio is to show off good ideas & good times — things I'd do again. Not pictured are the tens-of-thousands of other hours I've spent designing, writing, shooting, editing, presenting, crafting and thinking. But I'd probably do most of those again, too.

Maybe one day I will own a creative agency. Or a bar. But now we're just splitting hairs. Until then, I'll keep pushing myself to live by a few wise words.


The overview: RÉSUMÉ

The details: LINKEDIN